Xtreme Matt


“Drawing inspiration from around the Globe, Wilsonart continuously redefines decorative surfaces” ……….



Realistic natural timber decors in a new XTREME MATT finish 

The XTREME MATT range of decorative panels from Wilsonart features 22 realistic natural timber decors that reflect the trend in bringing nature and natural elements inside. The seamless transition between the inside and outside is evident with buildings being more sympathetic to the landscape outside and vice versa. With a strong movement towards matt finishes, the XTREME MATT range is not just about how the product looks but also about the tactile properties and trend towards sensory immersion.


Environmentally sustainable cost effective alternative to veneers

XTREME MATT showcases the latest timber decors that have a realistic natural timber look and feel which can be coordinated with similar décors in High Pressure Laminates. Using the latest European technologies and manufacturing facilities in Australia, the new XTREME MATT range is durable, easy to maintain and is an environmentally sustainable and cost effective alternative to veneers.







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Xtreme Matt offers a silky-soft matt finish available in Wilsonart® woodgrain LPM décor’s representing a new direction in the evolving story of the Australian interior building market. It is a new extremely tactile product which is inspired by nature and manufactured with durability in mind. This brand-new range pairs the unparalleled quality of Wilsonart® laminate with authentic woodgrain decors for a remarkable look and feel. Nature and natural elements is the trend of tomorrow where buildings are more sympathetic to the landscape outside and vice versa.