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Understanding Tones


Light and dark woodgrain tones, bring interior design to the next level. 

With Wilsonart woodgrains we set the standard for performance, beauty and variety!


The Lightness and darkness of a colour in an interior setting describe tone at its best! Bringing tones in a woodgrain environment brings your Interior design to a whole new level and dimension. Our Wilsonart woodgrain designs have intentionally been designed for you to manipulate your space dimensions with the wonders of our woodgrain colour scheme.

It is known in an interior design level; space manipulation is a key factor in bringing the best concept design to life for your project. Tone plays a major part in any design level from the interior, architecture to all kinds of fashion which is why Wilsonart has focused on the best woodgrain designs to compliment this very reason.

Light Woodgrains bring a fresh and unique vibe and feel

to any interior occasion. With an abundance of woodgrains from

Oak, Ash, Elm, Teak, and Walnut there is a tone for any design

concept. Light in any essence helps to redefine your interior

dimensions, despite a small dark space. Wilsonart High-Pressure

Laminates and Decorative panels have been designed to bring

ultimate functionality and design purpose to your project by

implementing an array of wood grain tones.


In a commercial setting introducing

light woodgrains sets your design median           

as a perfect blank canvas allowing you to

style and coordinate with other design

elements, such as furniture, carpets,

wall colours and lighting.                                                                                                                                                                      


An understanding of tone is key and a great well balanced pleasing scene would have tones that complement each other creating a story, style, and trend.                                                                                                                                                         

Knowing tones on a design scope helps you understand the intrinsic elements, principles and techniques in the art of interior design. When designers follow through with these elements a perfect combination of luxury with simplicity is easily achieved. Tied with great talent, space can become a fine art.


                      Light woodgrains in RETAIL                                                                                                              



                           Light woodgrains in HOSPITALITY


Light woodgrains COLLECTION - Click here to request Samples     

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Dark Woodgrains hold a degree of warmth and extra emphasis to a design scope. The beauty of woodgrain tones is that finishes do not need to match but rather complement each other. Implementing dark tones into a design scope immediately alters the level of drama, luxury and sleek sophistication in any commercial or residential setting.                                    




To Create balance in an interior setting the woodgrain tones

and grains define the vibe and feel of a space but it is in the finish

that holds the intensity and light value in a creative design. Light in

a textured finish delivers together a natural feel, bringing a level of

escapism to another level. Wilsonart’s versatile subtle, dramatic, rich

modern, matt and soft touch textures have been designed to

bring nature at its best for your next design project

Choosing the Right Tone for your Woodgrain has many

design elements to consider. Whether it is a light or dark woodgrain,

Wilsonart offers a solution between colour, shade and tone.

Giving depth and linearity to your design concept.



                                                                                                                  Dark woodgrains in HEALTHCARE    


                                                                                    Dark woodgrains in OFFICE



 Dark woodgrains COLLECTION - Click here to request Samples

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Consider Wilsonart’s wide range of tonal

woodgrains for your next project!