Chemical Resistant

Chemsurf Laminate and Protector Compact

Wilsonart’s Chemsurf Laminate and Protector Compact is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial joinery applications where a chemical resistant surface is required.

Laboratories are an ideal application where ease of cleaning is required plus a high level of resistance to aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents, without sacrificing design or style.

Ideal for use on bench-tops and splash backs in laboratory environments across Education, Healthcare and other industries where exceptional chemical resistance can avoid damaging decorative surfaces.

Chemsurf Post-forming Laminate

      •  Post-formable solution for commercial joinery where chemical resistance is required

      •  10 decors, featuring colourways and patterns that coordinate with all environments

      •  15 years warranty

      •  Stocked nationally

Chemsurf Protector Compact Laminate

      •  16mm “self supporting” thickness

      •  High Impact + Scratch Resistant (7N) suitable in all high wearing environments

      •  3 decors, featuring neutral colourways that complement our Chemsurf laminates

      •  15 years warranty

      •  Stocked nationally