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What is Wilsonart Marker Board Laminate?

Wilsonart Marker Board Laminate is manufactured to meet the special needs of applications requiring a durable, high-gloss decorative surface that ensures easy erasure of dry erase markers.

Can Marker Board be used as a projection surface?

 Yes. Wilsonart Marker Board Laminate may be used as a surface to present projected presentations and videos in board room or class room areas. 

Is Chemsurf recommended for exterior use?
Chemsurf is recommended as interior surfacing material only. Prolonged exposure to outside weather conditions could result in some discoloration.

What Wilsonart colors are available in Marker Board Laminate?

Marker Board Laminate is available in 1573 Frosty White and 1595 Black only.

What makes Marker Board Laminate different from standard laminate?

A special melamine formulation is used to facilitate dry erase marker removal.

What can Marker Board Laminate be used for?

Marker Board Laminate is ideal for applications in presentation areas for schools, conference rooms, planning centers, offices, portable presentation boards and lap boards. Wall applications in day care facilities, pediatric waiting rooms and children's bedrooms are excellent areas for Marker Board.

What finish is used for Marker Board Laminate?

Marker Board Laminate is manufactured in #9 Gloss.

How do I clean Marker Board Laminate?

Marker Board Laminate can be cleaned using a dry erase marker eraser. Please clean the eraser periodically to remove dry ink residue. Should additional cleaning be required, use cleaners supplied by a dry marker manufacturer.

How often should I clean Wilsonart Marker Board Laminate?

Marker Board Laminate should be cleaned periodically to remove all dry ink residue. It should be thoroughly cleaned if it will also be used as an overhead projection board. Marker Board Laminate, as with chalkboard, requires occasional cleaning depending on rate of usage.

What is the difference between HPL and LPL/LPM/MFB?