Blond Echo  7939


Standard HPL Finish



A reconstituted wood laminate design. Thin, alternating stripes in light, unstained neutral colors create this layered, composite-wood look.
  • Approximate Design Repeat Width*: 18.5"
  • This pattern is part of the Wilsonart Contract Collection.
  • Approximate Design Repeat Length*: 36.5"


  • Directional

    This is directionally-specific pattern.

  • Eco Credentials

    Third-party certification available for this product. See Technical Specs & Certifications below.


Available Product Types

  • Basics

    Basic High Pressure Laminate(HPL) - for vertical and horizontal postforming

  • TFL Panels

    This design is part of our Coordinated Surfaces program so that you can value engineer your projects.

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Specialty Laminates

Not all finishes available in all types. Check Pattern Availability below for specifics.

  • 38 Fine Velvet Texture


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